Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trip Stats

Countries visited: Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Canada(for a few hours).
Total # of days: 203
Most days in one country: 62, Argentina
Fewest days in one country: 10 Columbia
Most days in one place: 18 La Luna, Otavalo, Ecuador
Highest point: Chachani summit, 6075 meters(19,931 feet)
Most elevation gained in one day on foot: (Only Anika) 1935 metes (6348 feet)-Piedra Grande camp to summit of Vallecitos (5435 meters or 17,831 feet).
Longest bus ride: 34 hours, Ushuaia to Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
Sick days: Brad-6 Anika-2
Pairs of shoes worn out: Brad-3 Anika-0
Sunglasses lost or broken: Brad-3 Anika-0
Total number of cups carried: 1, Lost in Quito(day 32) and never replaced.
Modes of travel used: Feet, bike, taxi, van, bus, train, airplane, tram, ferry, hitch hiking, subway.
Total Number of taxi trips: 7
Longest trek: Torres del Paine loop, 102km (63.4miles). 6 nights 7 days.
Total number of different overnight treks: 11
Most distance covered on foot in one day: 28km (17.4miles) 1st day of Torres trek.
Total number of nights spent in tent: 85 (41.9%)
Most consecutive days in tent: 22
Night spent at highest altitude: Chachani base camp 5300meters (17,388 feet)
Nights spent on transportation: Bus-17 Train-1 Airplane-2 Total 20 (9.9%)
Bus ticket purchased furthest in advance: 5 days. Easter Sunday bus ticket to BA 2 days before our flight leaves for home.
Number of MP3 playing devices broken: 2
Sample list of products containing beef lard: Wheat crackers, scones, oriental flavor top ramen, vegetable empanadas, vegetable broth cubes, chicken broth cubes, dry vegetable soup mix, croissants.
Days before Anika realizes this: 195
Number of books read by Brad: 48
Books read per week: 1.66
Number of Books read by Anika: 36
Total number of pages: 11,894
Average number of pages per day: 58.6

Books read by Brad:
1. Walking Across America
2. Bel Canto
3. The Old Man and the Sea
4. Left for Dead
1st 100 pages of Marching Power
1st 100 pages of The End of Mr. Y
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth
6. The Yearling
7. Starship Troopers
8. The Martian Chronicles
9. Animal Farm
1st 75 pages of Patagonia, History, Myths, Legends
10. The Three Musketeers
11. Dune
12. The Da Vinci Code
13. To Kill a Mocking Bird
14. Dune Messiah
15. Congo
16. The Joy Luck Club
17. Sphere
18. The Clan of the Cave Bear
19. The Green Hills of Earth
20. The River Why
21. Lord of the Flies
22. The Chosen
23. Of Mice and Men
24. Stranger in a Strange Land
1st 100 pages of Oliver Twist
25. Gates of Fire
26. Around the World in 80 Days
27. The Silmarillion
1st 300 pages of The Green House
28. Narcissus and Goldmund
29. Last 250 pages of Marching Powder
1st 100 pages of Walden plus Poems
30. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
31. The Red Tent
32. Tai-Pan
33. Pirate Latitudes
34. The Way West
35. The Last Step
36. The Three Daughters of Madam Liang
37. The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
38. The Good Earth
39. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
40. The Book Seller of Kabul
41. An Elegy for Easterly
42. Eva Luna
43. The Journey to the East
44. The Dragon in the Sea
45. The Sea Wolf
46. The Perfect Storm
47. Water Method Man
48. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
First 300 pages of the Mater and Margerita

Books read by Anika:
1. Middlesex
2. Bel Canto
3. Marching Powder
4. The Famished Road
5. We'll Meet Again
6. The Bell Jar
7. The Three Musketeers
8. To Kill A Mockingbird
9. The Joy Luck Club
10. Congo
11. Sphere
12. The Clan of the Cave Bear
13. The Lord of the Flies
14. The River Why
15. In the Time of the Butterflies
16. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
17. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
18. Women in Love
19. Narcissus and Goldmund
20. The Red Tent
21. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
22. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Short Stories
23. La Hija de La Fortuna (in Spanish)
24. The Last Step
25. The Three Daughters of Madam Liang
26. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
27. The Good Earth
28. The Bookseller of Kabul
29. Eva Luna
30. The Water-Method Man
31. Journey to the East
32. The Perfect Storm
33. The Catcher in the Rye
34. Robinson Crusoe
35. The Sea-Wolf
36. Elegy for Easterly